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The next two weeks…

I always seem to get back to Tumblr whenever it’s exams and I get too lazy to study :P

Also, my concentration is at an all-time low at present for the following reasons:

  • I’ve almost completed the infamous 2nd year Mathematical Sciences BSc - the killer of many dreams :P
  • On Saturday, I’m going to watch one of my most favourite bands ever, Linkin Park! (childhood dream, I tell you)
  • Steve is taking me on THE most craaazy holiday ever as soon as exams are over. I’m getting to see all the parts of South Africa I’ve been dying to see my whole life! (eek!)
  • It’s almost my 21st! Hell yeah! And I’m going to Fire&Ice for milkshakes to celebrate :D

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2012, and I’m still bad at this whole blogging thing…

So… it seems the only time I ever blog is when I’m on holiday. Guess that kind of makes sense, considering how busy Wits keeps me.

Life has been interesting lately: I took a bit of a leap of faith this year and decided to just take Maths major and Computational Applied Maths for my second year… it’s fun, I won’t lie :) maths is such a powerful thing to know; it makes me feel like I’ve obtained a secret that few people in the world have been able to uncover, and I’ve made it my play-toy. That said, I am still learning a lot… it’s weird taking a subject that you can put hours of work into daily, and still fail completely. But that’s part of the thrill, I guess :) nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.

A few weeks ago, I also ran the 10km Run Jozi race through Joburg CBD! This was a big deal for me… last year in September, I was almost smash ‘n grabbed while travelling on the outskirts of the city, and it left me with some hectic post-traumatic stress! I do love road running, but the main reason I did this race was to help me take my final steps in overcoming my anxiety caused from that incident. And, I must say, I think it worked, cause it helped me to stop feeling like the city was an off-limits place for me.

It was pretty amazing running through town, cause we went past some pretty significant landmarks. My favourite though was definitely running straight past Ponte tower (it’s so beautiful!) and this random, cool old church in Doornfontein.

Also, the people were just so nice :) There’s no words to describe how amazing it is to look up and see 20-30 floor buildings, full of people waving at you through the windows, and all the neighbourhood kids on the road, running and hi-fiving you as you go past :) it really warmed my heart

Steve and I are going strong and happy :) we’re just two months away until we hit the two year mark :) I’m so grateful for him - it’s very rare that you meet someone who has such a big heart, full of kindness. I’m a lucky girl :)

That’s pretty much been my year thus far.

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