Ode to Confusion

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The next two weeks…

I always seem to get back to Tumblr whenever it’s exams and I get too lazy to study :P

Also, my concentration is at an all-time low at present for the following reasons:

  • I’ve almost completed the infamous 2nd year Mathematical Sciences BSc - the killer of many dreams :P
  • On Saturday, I’m going to watch one of my most favourite bands ever, Linkin Park! (childhood dream, I tell you)
  • Steve is taking me on THE most craaazy holiday ever as soon as exams are over. I’m getting to see all the parts of South Africa I’ve been dying to see my whole life! (eek!)
  • It’s almost my 21st! Hell yeah! And I’m going to Fire&Ice for milkshakes to celebrate :D

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I feel like I’m becoming a serious programmer. Seems to be all I spend my free time on these days :)